Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lesbians: what's the deal?

Does this appeal to you?
Suzy asked me a question sort of half jokingly and I gave her a half joking answer.  Not sure why she thought about this.  But she asked "why do guys like lesbians so much?".  My joking answer was something like, "well, two naked chicks are better to look at than one".

Personally, I never really "got off" with watching or thinking about two women going at it.  For what it's worth, I enjoy fantasizing about two men satisfying a woman.  I like how the woman is the center of attention and the cocks always have somewhere to go.  It seems like two women, one male threesomes are lacking because a cock can only go one place.... so it probably will end up going to lesbo, which doesn't quite appeal to me that much.  However, I have fantasized about Suzy and another dominant woman ganging up on me for a torture session.  Yikes!

I wonder if Suzy, or any woman for that matter, would enjoy watching two men go at it.  I would not... but maybe she would?
Help!  This poor guy needs a shirt... fast!

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