Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy (Sexy) Halloween

"Insert Tab A into Slot B"
Halloween is a fun "holiday".  It always has a "naughty" connotation, whether it is from kids playing pranks to adults having "adult fun".  It's accepted - even encouraged - to be a bit risque, act a bit immature, over-consume alcohol, and "fool around" with your SO.  Most adult female costumes in the Halloween stores are super sexy.  A lot of the men's costumes are blatantly sexual.

Kind of an inside joke that I won't detail here, but my Suzy intentionally wore a very very conservative costume.  I still found her very sexy.  She has aquired a few costumes over the years, and she can make them sexy.  My fav, by far is her Catwoman costume.

Catwoman: A pussy with all kinds of power
I am pretty sure that she has been a sexy pirate before also.  I bet she has these costumes somewhere.  My favorite are the ones that wouldn't be seen by the general public.  We have talked about doing some more role playing.  We have already had the epic Catwoman vs. Batman battle (It's fair to say that Catwoman dominated Batman, but Batman loved every second of it!).  I would love to re-enact that scenario again!  Other fantasies we've shared:

Female doctor instructing female medical students on the finer points of male anatomy.  I would of course be naked and she would have some gloves and lube to make sure her students really get a (man)handle on a live subject!
Please bend over for your exam; it will be thorough
Female warden dominating a male prisoner.  This has a ton of possibilities to it.  We've talked about getting her a cop outfit (I'm sure handcuffs are needed, possibly she would "lock up" other parts of me too) and having her way with me.  Pretty sure I would just be naked and perhaps if I satisfy her sexually, she won't torture me; or she would just torture me anyway.  Wowsers!
Prepare to be thoroughly searched, you perp!
Or, there is always the Queen and I am a sexual slave in her harem.  The role reversal is a powerful submissive fantasy of mine.
The Queen
The sex slave
Halloween offers the chance to be a kid again and experiment.  But with the adult pleasures of adding the sexual experience to the mix.  I have submissive tendencies, so most of the role playing that I find attractive relate to my wife being in a more dominant position than me.  I'm sure there are lots of others that we can think of, and hopefully do.  I look forward to those times!

Happy (sexy) Halloween!


  1. Great post! I just discovered your blog and wanted to say that its very interesting.

    Maybe next year you & your wife can go to a costume party as a female corporate CEO and her obedient househusband.Im sure that at least a few women at the party will enjoy the sight of a man dressed as a househusband.

    I hope that you continue doing your blog.Im especially interested in the everyday aspects of a wife led marriage. And you and your wifes thoughts on how women are becoming more dominant and powerful in society.
    Im also curious as to if any of your friends know that "She's the boss" ?
    Obviously you probably keep the sexual aspects to yourself. But i was wondering if your, or her , friends have figured out that she is the more dominant one in the mariage.Or if any of her friends have visited your house and commented to her after seeing you do the housework ,serve dinner,ect. Im just curious as to how non-WLM couples view a Wife-Led Marriage

  2. Hi Bob,
    I'm sorry that I hadn't replied to your post. My wife actually pointed it out!

    I think this deserves its own post, one that I have been thinking of doing for a while. I am not a female supremacist kind of guy, thinking that women are super smart and men are super stupid.

    Having said that, I think that most of my peers are in "female lead relationships". My best friend from high school was clearly completely dominated by his wife. In that same circle of friends, all the other husbands (my friends) were completely p-whipped by their women. That stood in pretty sharp contrast to my parents (and, presumably, that generation), where my dad pretty much did as he pleased and didn't give a rat's ass.

    Within our contemporary friends, I definitely see a lot more women "in charge" than men. I guess that's the way things are heading....

    I don't really speak to anyone about their sex life. It's taboo. I can say that my wife has been "in charge" recently, and I love it! I wonder when she's going to let me come!