Sunday, October 31, 2010

Erections Part I

Daydreaming of Suzy....
Erections are an important aspect of sexuality, so there is a lot to be said about them.  I am around forty, and I can't recall a time where I wanted an erection but could not obtain one - at least under normal circumstances.  There is probably an exception here or there for "vacation sex".  I can recall not being able to go for a third time on a cruise.  But that is more "pushing the envelope" of our normal sex life and I'm not counting that.

That isn't to say that I haven't noticed some drop off in erections as I've gotten older.  I remember, as a teenager, that I could get a full erection from seeing a woman in a bikini.  No touching, no talking; just visual excitement.  Then, as I was dating girls, I remember how quickly I could become erect from even nonsexual touching.  The fact that a girl wanted to be alone with me and maybe playfully flirted with me could create movement downstairs.  And I remember that when I was first married, I would maintain my erection even without direct stimulation on my cock.  I would be hard the entire time I performed cunnilingus on her.  *Sigh*  Those were the days!

I guess Beckem is thinking about his wife!
I have been there when I was younger...
 One of the many bummers of getting old is that I don't get as many spontaneous erections and don't seem to be able to maintain them without periodic physical stimulation.  For example, I am sure that I get erections when I am going down on my wife - I'm just not hard the entire time.... and after she's had her post orgasm basking period, I am sure that one of us would have to "wake up" Mr. Happy for some male playtime.  When she is playing with my perineum and my ass, I lose my erection in no time even though I highly enjoy that and it is highly sexual.  While I don't *need* an ED drug such as Cialis or Viagra, it's nice to know that they're there.  I would like to try one anyway (it's in my nature to experiment) to recreate the feeling of having an hour long erection.  Our recent sexual experiences have lasted that long.  I can massage Suzy for 20-30 minutes and then perform cunnilingus for another 10-15.  She usually wants to bask in post orgasmic bliss for 5 min after that.  Then, perhaps she would play with my cock some, or go to another female orgasm cycle.  The point being, it would be fun for me to be fully erect the whole time.
Obtaining a quality erection is one of life's great pleasures

Lately, I find that I get a "No Erection Depression" if I do not have a quality erection for a few days.  I honestly feel depressed right now.  Sure, I get "morning wood" and I get partially erect when I cuddle Suzy at night.  But what I am talking about here, is a quality, sexual erection.  Like, we kiss, she holds my cock and I am fully erect.  For several reasons, we have not had a sexual experience in almost 2 weeks.  I feel depressed.  It isn't a "gee I'm horny and need to come" feeling.  It's a feeling of sexual inadequacy because I haven't had a complete erection.  I feel impotent even though I know I'm not.  I have felt this before (as I said, this is more of a recent thing), and that depressing feeling went away even if I was denied orgasm.  I can't exactly "fix" this problem myself. 
After a few days, I can feel depressed if I don't have a quality erection

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    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    I have just started reading your blog and I am finding it interesting reading. I am very envious of the relationship you have with your wife.

    I agree that one of the good things about Halloween is that one can experiment with sexy clothes that one would not normally try. There has been the odd occasion when my wife has tried out sexy outfits.