Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dominant Wife: 3, Submissive Husband 0

young girl showing three fingers
This woman is pointing out how many orgasms my wife had
We didn't have any sex play since the night my wife allowed me a pearl necklace.  She was still on her period and doesn't always want to play during those times.  Plus, "life gets in the way", and we had been tired and falling asleep at different times.  I was hoping we would play on Friday night but alas it did not work out.  She wanted cuddles, which was nice.

We did a lot of sexting during the day.  I was pretty sure she was finished with her period and was really hoping to have intercourse.  Her texts back were suggestive of her getting taken care of, sexually, but not me.  I was still hopeful that she might let me penetrate her and go a few strokes.  I love getting her juices on my cock.  It is awesome.

I showered and splashed on some cologne after we put the kids to bed.  I really like feeling nice and clean before we play.  After I was cleaning up, she came in with the coffee I had picked up for her and indicated that she needed her feet rubbed.  We chatted about the day and after a while casually indicated that "this is the life": getting feet rubbed, a fancy coffee, having both dinner and the dishes done for her, and awaiting a back rub and whatever sexual gratification she desired.

She got a lot of rubbing.  I think she probably got a good half hour and then she indicated that she was ready for an orgasm.  She did not want cunnilingus so I got out her trusty vibe and fingered her the way she likes it.  She came nicely.  I just love the glow she has after she comes.  She looks so satisfied and fulfilled.  I enjoyed caressing her in this afterglow.  She enjoyed the hardness of my cock against her put was making it clear that I would not be ejaculating tonight.  She said that I wasn't "shaking" enough.  That seems to be the sign that I am really over the edge with denial.  I laid on top of her and tried to convince her to let me penetrate her but she didn't want me enjoying her pussy.  After the backrubbing and some light ball slapping, she was ready for another one.  She came a bit harder this time.  She has trained me to finger her pussy in a certain way.

I told her that I was really quite horny and was afraid that I would be overly tempated to masturbate.  I asked her if I could put my chastity cage on and she said I could - she didn't want me having an unauthorized orgasm.  I think it's pretty erotic that she is so assertive about me not taking matters into my own hands.  She seems to really like limiting my orgasms.  I am not sure how long the cage will be on, perhaps just overnight.  It's really in her hands.

She got up and found the key to my chastity belt (she had it hidden somewhere) and put it somewhere else.  My spare key is frozen in ice in our outside freezer.  It would probably take me a while to get to it, so it's really up to my wife to decide when to unlock me.

She gave me a rare treat and didn't object to me placing the vibe on her beautiful pussy for Big-O #3.  Even though she is capable of having additional climaxes, she almost always stops me at 2.  I felt pretty good about that.  My cock was caged for this one, and it did strain while she climaxed.  Awesome!

Not sure what's in store for us tomorrow.  I hope we have some good (dirty) fun!


I love panties with a message!

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