Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another fetish: CFNM

She's clothed, he's not

OK, maybe that photo was not called for.  But it was just to illustrate a point.  Part of what puts me into "sub space" is the fact that I am always nude when we play.  Well, sometimes I will wear a thong but that is just to keep things clean.  I emit a whole lot of pre-cum when we play, and Suzy does not like the mess.  But, when she plays with her toy (that being my cock), I am naked save my wedding ring.  It turns me on when she is clothed.  I feel so vulnerable and it makes me want to submit more.  She has the upper hand, so to speak and I love it.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my wife's body.  I love her being naked tremendously, and it is really really nice when we make love and we are both nude.  But there can be an allure, a mystery around her retaining her clothes.  For example, I love love love her breasts.  Sometimes when we make love she does not take her bra off.  It drives me nuts.  I want to see them, play with them, but sometimes she won't allow it.

We took it to the extreme one time.  I bought her a crotchless cat suit mesh thing.  It is SMOKIN' hot.  It doesn't hide anything, but it gives the impression that she is fully clothed.  It allows for intercourse, and we have made love a couple times with me being fully nude and her wearing that.

It seems to be the way to go for practicality, since I am always hot and she is always cold.  Sometimes I fantasize about her masturbating me outside (risk seems to be a big thrill for me....) while I am completely nude but she has all the clothing she needs.

Being naked while she has some clothes on still adds to my submission to her

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