Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Woman playing with her man's ass
My ass
I will not beat around the bush.  I love having my ass played with.  This is not something that I ever thought about or would have ever suggested.  One time when we were "fooling around" during our dating period, she stimulated my hole.  Wowsers.  That feels very good.  It turns out that the anal region has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings on the body.  It sends a charge up my nervous system when she plays down there. 

I like the gentle tickle or spider legs right on my butt hole.  (Is there a sexier way to say that?)  That's probably our most common method of butt stimulation.  Sometimes, when she is administering a "smack down" of my ass and balls, she will take the crop and run it along the length of my crack.  AWESOME!  When feeling playful, she will poke my butt hole pretty aggressively.  We have explored actual penetration of my ass before.  She's inserted her fingers in there trying to stimulate my prostate.  I enjoyed that a lot!  We've used butt plugs also.  I have an aneros prostate stimulator.  I don't get the "prostate orgasms" that some men describe.  I'd like to try more though.  I think that this is something that may require some practice.

While penetration/prostate play doesn't seem to have "Big-O" potential (yet), I love the psychological aspects of it.  I feel very submissive when we play this way.  Suzy doesn't like to get messy with the lube, so I lube the toy up for her.  Prepping for my ass being violated is kind of a thrill.  Then, there's the positioning as I await her to penetrate me.  Being on my knees, unable to see it coming, balls exposed and vulnerable and my butt cheeks spread.  It is a very submissive position.  She does a great job of teasing me and smacks my vulnerable balls.  Once she actually penetrates me, I get a surge of pleasure.  I think my neurons are firing like crazy.  I get a thrill by not actually knowing what she's doing down there.  I *think* she took the butt plug and repeatedly penetrated me once.  It was awesome.
No, I don't look forward to this on doctor visits.  Really uncomfortable.  But when I'm aroused and Suzy's the "doctor"... well that's another story!
Anal play seems natural for when I am locked in the chastity device.  The "role reversal" is hot to me.  She, who is normally penetrated by my cock, turns the tables and penetrates me.  Me lickey.  After a good going over, I clean up.

We've talked about doing strap on sex.  That is where the wife has a dildo in place as a "cock" and has penetrative sex with her husband.  I would really like to try that.  No, I don't want to "take" a real cock.  No interest there.  The submissive nature and the role reversal are very appealing to me.

"Take it like a man", lol. 
If we ever do this, I would prefer to be positioned where I can see her and direct a vibrator so that she climaxes

The ass cheeks themselves are very sensitive also, and I like having them tickled a lot.  Let's not forget spanking.  I feel like spanking and cock and ball torture - punishment in general - deserves several posts on their own.  However, I would be remiss in a post about anal play if I did not highlight how awesome it is to have light stimulation of my cheeks and a good sound beating of my ass.  I enjoy that a lot.

The only thing I don't really like about anal play is that I get some anxiety from hygiene.  I get nervous that I may be "farty" or not clean when she does decide to play.  Conversely, I am a disappointed when I know I'm "good to go" and really want some anal play and it doesn't happen.  Such is the life of a submissive husband!

Her Ass
I love everything about Suzy's sexy body.  She's got great tits and a rocking ass.  No kidding, when we were dating, I recognized her across a field just by her booty.  It is awesome.  It is so petite.  I enjoy running my hands over it and "cupping" the cheeks with my hands.  When I am massaging her back, she usually has to keep me "on task" because I stray to play with her cheeks to much.

I believe she let me try to penetrate her anally once.  I couldn't get my cock in.  We weren't very experienced with sex at the time, and I am sure I could do it if she let me have the chance.  Suzy does not seem open to this anymore.  Never say never!  One time I inserted a finger up her butt and she didn't seem to appreciate it.  I am convinced she would have a fantastic orgasm if I had one finger in her pussy, another in her ass, and a vibe on her clit.  I think that would be a trifecta of female pleasure!  Some day....
At least for now, penetrating her booty seems off limits.  Never say never!
I am pretty sure I have performed analingus on Suzy before.  I don't know if she liked it or not.  I would do it again, I just need her to be clean "down there".

Ah, the ass.  Such a marvelous body part for sexual exploration!  Bottoms up!!!!

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