Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy (Sexy) Halloween

"Insert Tab A into Slot B"
Halloween is a fun "holiday".  It always has a "naughty" connotation, whether it is from kids playing pranks to adults having "adult fun".  It's accepted - even encouraged - to be a bit risque, act a bit immature, over-consume alcohol, and "fool around" with your SO.  Most adult female costumes in the Halloween stores are super sexy.  A lot of the men's costumes are blatantly sexual.

Kind of an inside joke that I won't detail here, but my Suzy intentionally wore a very very conservative costume.  I still found her very sexy.  She has aquired a few costumes over the years, and she can make them sexy.  My fav, by far is her Catwoman costume.

Catwoman: A pussy with all kinds of power
I am pretty sure that she has been a sexy pirate before also.  I bet she has these costumes somewhere.  My favorite are the ones that wouldn't be seen by the general public.  We have talked about doing some more role playing.  We have already had the epic Catwoman vs. Batman battle (It's fair to say that Catwoman dominated Batman, but Batman loved every second of it!).  I would love to re-enact that scenario again!  Other fantasies we've shared:

Female doctor instructing female medical students on the finer points of male anatomy.  I would of course be naked and she would have some gloves and lube to make sure her students really get a (man)handle on a live subject!
Please bend over for your exam; it will be thorough
Female warden dominating a male prisoner.  This has a ton of possibilities to it.  We've talked about getting her a cop outfit (I'm sure handcuffs are needed, possibly she would "lock up" other parts of me too) and having her way with me.  Pretty sure I would just be naked and perhaps if I satisfy her sexually, she won't torture me; or she would just torture me anyway.  Wowsers!
Prepare to be thoroughly searched, you perp!
Or, there is always the Queen and I am a sexual slave in her harem.  The role reversal is a powerful submissive fantasy of mine.
The Queen
The sex slave
Halloween offers the chance to be a kid again and experiment.  But with the adult pleasures of adding the sexual experience to the mix.  I have submissive tendencies, so most of the role playing that I find attractive relate to my wife being in a more dominant position than me.  I'm sure there are lots of others that we can think of, and hopefully do.  I look forward to those times!

Happy (sexy) Halloween!

Erections Part I

Daydreaming of Suzy....
Erections are an important aspect of sexuality, so there is a lot to be said about them.  I am around forty, and I can't recall a time where I wanted an erection but could not obtain one - at least under normal circumstances.  There is probably an exception here or there for "vacation sex".  I can recall not being able to go for a third time on a cruise.  But that is more "pushing the envelope" of our normal sex life and I'm not counting that.

That isn't to say that I haven't noticed some drop off in erections as I've gotten older.  I remember, as a teenager, that I could get a full erection from seeing a woman in a bikini.  No touching, no talking; just visual excitement.  Then, as I was dating girls, I remember how quickly I could become erect from even nonsexual touching.  The fact that a girl wanted to be alone with me and maybe playfully flirted with me could create movement downstairs.  And I remember that when I was first married, I would maintain my erection even without direct stimulation on my cock.  I would be hard the entire time I performed cunnilingus on her.  *Sigh*  Those were the days!

I guess Beckem is thinking about his wife!
I have been there when I was younger...
 One of the many bummers of getting old is that I don't get as many spontaneous erections and don't seem to be able to maintain them without periodic physical stimulation.  For example, I am sure that I get erections when I am going down on my wife - I'm just not hard the entire time.... and after she's had her post orgasm basking period, I am sure that one of us would have to "wake up" Mr. Happy for some male playtime.  When she is playing with my perineum and my ass, I lose my erection in no time even though I highly enjoy that and it is highly sexual.  While I don't *need* an ED drug such as Cialis or Viagra, it's nice to know that they're there.  I would like to try one anyway (it's in my nature to experiment) to recreate the feeling of having an hour long erection.  Our recent sexual experiences have lasted that long.  I can massage Suzy for 20-30 minutes and then perform cunnilingus for another 10-15.  She usually wants to bask in post orgasmic bliss for 5 min after that.  Then, perhaps she would play with my cock some, or go to another female orgasm cycle.  The point being, it would be fun for me to be fully erect the whole time.
Obtaining a quality erection is one of life's great pleasures

Lately, I find that I get a "No Erection Depression" if I do not have a quality erection for a few days.  I honestly feel depressed right now.  Sure, I get "morning wood" and I get partially erect when I cuddle Suzy at night.  But what I am talking about here, is a quality, sexual erection.  Like, we kiss, she holds my cock and I am fully erect.  For several reasons, we have not had a sexual experience in almost 2 weeks.  I feel depressed.  It isn't a "gee I'm horny and need to come" feeling.  It's a feeling of sexual inadequacy because I haven't had a complete erection.  I feel impotent even though I know I'm not.  I have felt this before (as I said, this is more of a recent thing), and that depressing feeling went away even if I was denied orgasm.  I can't exactly "fix" this problem myself. 
After a few days, I can feel depressed if I don't have a quality erection

Friday, October 15, 2010

Male Underwear

"Loverboy Boxers"
I am not into fashion, but when it comes to sex, clothes are pretty important to me.  My sexy Suzy will say things like "What difference does it make if it's just going to come off?".  There is a difference to me.  It's like the wrapping paper to a present.  Most people prefer the mystery of having a nicely wrapped present.  The gift giver spent the time to present the mystery to you in an attractive way.  You're not sure what it is.  You have to physically unwrap it and  then you are surprised.  Now granted, neither Suzy nor I would be surprised by each other genitals.  I've spent some time between her legs, and I know what her pussy looks like.  But each time is a little different.  Her smell changes a lot.  Whether she has shaved her pussy bare or has a "landing strip" is alluring.  You can add some variety to your mate's genitals.  And a big way to do that is changing the packaging.

For most of my childhood, I wore "tighty whiteys".  That's what most little dudes wear, I think.  They hold your boys in pretty close.  towards the end of my high school era, it became clear through locker room chatter that these were not that cool.

Example of tighty whiteys.
I'm sure Suzy would study the stiching and craftsmanship on this garment.
Enter the era of boxers.  They let your boys hang freely.  It's like you are not wearing anything at all, compared to tighty whiteys.  I think they have a favorable impression on your sperm count.  Hey, I fathered sevearl children while wearing them.  Very utilitarian and "safe" to wear.  They are my "go to underwear", even today.

Boxers: comfortable, safe; will not get stares in the locker room
Now, how do you make men's underwear more interesting.  I love it when Suzy wears thongs/g-strings.  There is something just naughty about it.  No panty lines!  Ability to see and touch her booty!  Just barely covers her precious pussy!  Could male thongs be any fun?  Would Suzy like it if I wore thong underwear?

Men's Thongs: Ridiculous or Sexy?
I don't wear thongs that often.  I would not want to be changing in the locker room and have other dudes see me in a thong.  I am not sure if I look ridiculous in them or not.  I don't know if Suzy likes it when I wear them.  It is similar to the tat discussion from the prior day.  It's a fun secret to share.  On nights when we are going to "play" it helps me to anticipate our time together.  I *feel* sexy wearing them, even if I may look ridiculous.

I wear jock straps when I work out.  My balls really flap around a lot if I don't otherwise contain them.  I didn't realize this, but jocks are ideal for when I wear the chastity cage.  It gives good support to the added weight, and it makes urination a lot easier because you can just scootch it aside and pee.  Boxers are too hard to wear with a male chastity device because they don't give any support and you have to really take everything off to pee.
Jock Straps: Necessary for working out, Helpful when locked up, and occassionally sexy
When I was a teenager, I experimented with jock straps when I masturbated.  I tried two things: I wore in "normal" and then slid the part holding the cock and balls over my cock.  In this way, there was a lot of pressure from the elastic part on my cock.  The pressure really made my cock harder.  Similarly, I would wear it "backwards" and then pull each elastic strap over my cock.  It gave the same effect.  I enjoyed masturbating like this because it made my cock extra hard.  You really have to have some lube to stroke the shaft because it can become unbearably taut.

I suppose that no discussion of men's underwear choices is complete without talking about "going commando" - wearing no underwear at all.  I suppose the only times this makes sense to me is when I sleep. I generally sleep naked any chance I get.  I think I would feel really weird without having anything on. 

Going on a commando mission...
Hope Suzy enjoyed this discussion about men's underwear.  Panties are next!

Sick...and Horny

Everyone's happy when the Queen arrives...
A few things happen whenever I get sick:

  1. I lose weight because I don't eat well
  2. I need to be taken care of
  3. I watch a lot of TV
  4. I get really really horny

I have been fighting something for most of the week.  I finally took today "off" and sat around doing next to nothing.  Oh well.  Hopefully I'll get better.

I really really get horny.  Fortunately, Suzy gave me a good hand job last night.  She really worked my cock over well.  It was awesome.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Had a good night sleep and hopefully I will get better soon.

Not sure why I get so horny.  I guess that's a quick pleasurable thing that you can do when you don't feel like doing anything.  I hope she plays with my cock again tonight.  But I would really like her to come too!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Suzy and I are the least likely people to have tattoos.  Most of my life, I have thought that people that had them were plain sketchy.  I get a little freaked out by seeing a young athlete or young actress covered with tats. There are a lot of people who have gone way overboard with tats.
Tommy Lee: Gross
Pamela Anderson: OK

Having said that, the "bad boy or girl" nature of it has some appeal.  I think the barbed wire armbands on a fit body look good.  A subtle one around an ankle or shoulder or navel can be sexy.  A tat on the small of a woman's back can be sexy also.
A nice body part sometimes goes OK with an understated tat
Not a bad location for a tat

Having a meaningful tat in a private area does hold some appeal.  Perhaps something on the ass or breast or  crotch area.  A secret that lovers share together.  Part of why I like to wear the chastity cage or wear thong underwear is the secret that it represents.  My lover knows about it but nobody else does.

I love it when Suzy surprised me with one of her temporary tattoos.  The last time we played, she had a heart tattoo on her right breast.  I don't remember exactly what it said but it was something like "hot momma".  I enjoy the fantasy of having a tattoo but am probably too chicken to do it.  The only thing that I could think of ever doing is something just above my cock that my pubic hair would cover up during, say, a doctor exam.  Not sure what it might say.  For Suzy: something that represents her power, like a wonder woman figure with a lasso, or a catwoman with a sexy saying like "make this pussy purrrr", or "come in, the water's warm".  LOL.  For me, maybe something like "Suzy's joystick" with her man-handling my cock.  For now, we can play with temporary tattoos.
I gots to keep her pussy purrrrring!

Penis Parole

She controls his release!!

Last Wednesday, my 'keyholder' wife decided that it was time for me to be released from my cage.  I was excited but nervous.  I had been locked for 4 days and I try to keep it as clean as I can.  I don't think she wants a stanky cock penetrating her.  I also get a little nervous because when I am denied orgasm for a while, I don't have very much stamina.

She gave me instructions as to where the chastity key was and told me to take it off and shower.  Phew, the cleanliness issue is resolved.  Her instructions were for me to lie in bed naked and await her.  No problem!

Suzy came out naked and was amorous.  We did a lot of kissing and she rubbed against me, getting my cock hard.  She enjoys the feel of my hardness.  We inserted the cock with her on top.  That went for a while.  I usually can't come with the wife on top, but given my denial and the length that we played and kissed and caressed, I started to get a little nervous about that.  She then decided it was time for a female orgasm.  I used the Hitachi Magic Wand and my finger to hit her G-Spot.  It didn't take long.  She had a real nice orgasm.

Since this was the first time I had had a real, complete erection in several days, I wanted to penetrate.  Hormones were flowing through my body and I wanted to get inside of her bad.  She slowed me down and  told me she needed to bask in her orgasmic pleasure.  She wanted to be rubbed.  I complied.  I couldn't help thinking that my sexy wife had just had 6 straight orgasms and none for me.  Sexy!  That thought alone was driving me insane.

She eventually allowed me missionary penetration.  Then she asked for her smaller vibe since she wanted to come with my cock in her.  This vibe can allow her to stimulate her clit while I penetrate her vaginally.  It's the way we used to 'always' do it, and that vibe is behind the times.  That vibrator has given her many moments of pleasure, I can assure you that!  However, since it is older and on it's last leg, I was not sure how effective it was going to be.  We don't use it that much anymore.  Perhaps we should make another purchase...

I returned with the vibrator and initiated penetration.  She promptly added the vibrator to her clit.  It was awesome.  I try very hard to give her the penetration that she wants: slow but deep.  It's about her pleasure and I want to make sure to last long enough for her to orgasm.  I had a hard time holding off, but it seemed like her climax was approaching.  I didn't think I could hold off much longer and just went with it.  I *think* that when I reach the point of no return, the additional last minute animalistic thrusts before my orgasm prompts her to come too.  I wonder if she agrees with that: it seems like our impending orgasms are so arousing to each other that it brings us to come together.  We reached the sexual nirvana of simultaneous orgasm.  We have done that several times before, but it is hard to do intentionally.

Intercourse with Suzy after 4 days of chastity was a celebration of sex!!!

At any rate, I came in buckets.  It was a fantastic orgasm.  Possibly one of my most intense ever.  I wonder, had I not come in her pussy, how far I would have shot my loads.  I told Suzy that it felt like my load pounded her pussy and then ricocheted back to my cock.  If felt like an absolute bath of pussy juices and semen.  Liquid lust!  HOT!!!!

We just lay there motionless for a while.  It seemed like a spiritual experience for both of us!  Wow!  Hope we can have more of those!

I am glad she let me out.  This period of chastity was pretty intense and our playtime when I was let out was really really hot!  Love my sexy dominant wife!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Woman playing with her man's ass
My ass
I will not beat around the bush.  I love having my ass played with.  This is not something that I ever thought about or would have ever suggested.  One time when we were "fooling around" during our dating period, she stimulated my hole.  Wowsers.  That feels very good.  It turns out that the anal region has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings on the body.  It sends a charge up my nervous system when she plays down there. 

I like the gentle tickle or spider legs right on my butt hole.  (Is there a sexier way to say that?)  That's probably our most common method of butt stimulation.  Sometimes, when she is administering a "smack down" of my ass and balls, she will take the crop and run it along the length of my crack.  AWESOME!  When feeling playful, she will poke my butt hole pretty aggressively.  We have explored actual penetration of my ass before.  She's inserted her fingers in there trying to stimulate my prostate.  I enjoyed that a lot!  We've used butt plugs also.  I have an aneros prostate stimulator.  I don't get the "prostate orgasms" that some men describe.  I'd like to try more though.  I think that this is something that may require some practice.

While penetration/prostate play doesn't seem to have "Big-O" potential (yet), I love the psychological aspects of it.  I feel very submissive when we play this way.  Suzy doesn't like to get messy with the lube, so I lube the toy up for her.  Prepping for my ass being violated is kind of a thrill.  Then, there's the positioning as I await her to penetrate me.  Being on my knees, unable to see it coming, balls exposed and vulnerable and my butt cheeks spread.  It is a very submissive position.  She does a great job of teasing me and smacks my vulnerable balls.  Once she actually penetrates me, I get a surge of pleasure.  I think my neurons are firing like crazy.  I get a thrill by not actually knowing what she's doing down there.  I *think* she took the butt plug and repeatedly penetrated me once.  It was awesome.
No, I don't look forward to this on doctor visits.  Really uncomfortable.  But when I'm aroused and Suzy's the "doctor"... well that's another story!
Anal play seems natural for when I am locked in the chastity device.  The "role reversal" is hot to me.  She, who is normally penetrated by my cock, turns the tables and penetrates me.  Me lickey.  After a good going over, I clean up.

We've talked about doing strap on sex.  That is where the wife has a dildo in place as a "cock" and has penetrative sex with her husband.  I would really like to try that.  No, I don't want to "take" a real cock.  No interest there.  The submissive nature and the role reversal are very appealing to me.

"Take it like a man", lol. 
If we ever do this, I would prefer to be positioned where I can see her and direct a vibrator so that she climaxes

The ass cheeks themselves are very sensitive also, and I like having them tickled a lot.  Let's not forget spanking.  I feel like spanking and cock and ball torture - punishment in general - deserves several posts on their own.  However, I would be remiss in a post about anal play if I did not highlight how awesome it is to have light stimulation of my cheeks and a good sound beating of my ass.  I enjoy that a lot.

The only thing I don't really like about anal play is that I get some anxiety from hygiene.  I get nervous that I may be "farty" or not clean when she does decide to play.  Conversely, I am a disappointed when I know I'm "good to go" and really want some anal play and it doesn't happen.  Such is the life of a submissive husband!

Her Ass
I love everything about Suzy's sexy body.  She's got great tits and a rocking ass.  No kidding, when we were dating, I recognized her across a field just by her booty.  It is awesome.  It is so petite.  I enjoy running my hands over it and "cupping" the cheeks with my hands.  When I am massaging her back, she usually has to keep me "on task" because I stray to play with her cheeks to much.

I believe she let me try to penetrate her anally once.  I couldn't get my cock in.  We weren't very experienced with sex at the time, and I am sure I could do it if she let me have the chance.  Suzy does not seem open to this anymore.  Never say never!  One time I inserted a finger up her butt and she didn't seem to appreciate it.  I am convinced she would have a fantastic orgasm if I had one finger in her pussy, another in her ass, and a vibe on her clit.  I think that would be a trifecta of female pleasure!  Some day....
At least for now, penetrating her booty seems off limits.  Never say never!
I am pretty sure I have performed analingus on Suzy before.  I don't know if she liked it or not.  I would do it again, I just need her to be clean "down there".

Ah, the ass.  Such a marvelous body part for sexual exploration!  Bottoms up!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Memories of our recent playtimes

I happened to be dicking around (lol - that's a joke because my cock is still locked!) waiting for the laundry and I happened across a few photos that were relevant to our recent playtimes.  I hope my sex goddess gets a kick out of them!
Submitting to my Queen

Suzy made a comment that when the nest is empty, I'd be doing my chores in the nude.  That comment turned me on!
I never thought I had a foot fetish, but Suzy likes me to rub hers... so I asociate her sexy feet with sexy play now! 
Sometimes, this is all the sex I get!!  LOL!!

Aarkeybabble : Tease and delay is not the same as tease and denial
Another dominant woman keeping her sub locked and denied

LOL!!!  Suzy has at various times said she wants to get rid of the key to my chastity device!
A little "eye candy" for Suzy... but I like the image of the collar

Sure seems like that's the case on the weekends!

Dominant woman, poised to inflct pain on her man

Hope this isn't too racy...
Seems about right...

You Can't Touch This

You can't touch this... caged cock!
We did a lot of running around this weekend, and my sex goddess was not able to look at my posts.  I have a ton of ideas to post on, so I think I will get some mileage out of this forum for a while.  She did mention that she likes reading my blog because I am "honest" about my feelings.  She thinks I am more guarded about my thoughts and desires when we speak.  That may be true.  It is really difficult to discuss sex with Suzy.  That's why I think this blog is a good tool.  I fancy that she would eventually add her own comments to this someday for the same reason.  In any event, she seems to genuinely like this as a tool for communication.

Suzy was spent after her three orgasm performance Saturday night.  Believe me, I would have enjoyed watching her come again on Sunday, but she was satisfied with the foot and back rubs I gave her while watching TV.  She gave me permission to unlock myself for a few hours while we went to a party Sunday afternoon, but gave me strict orders to lock up after we got home.  I showered and locked myself back up.  She didn't say much, or ask me to verify that I was locked.  The only mention of it came when I rubbed her back the device bothered her so I had to move. 

We got to bed and I was naked (except for the cage) and was wondering if she was going to unlock me.  She didn't.  She carressed my balls gently and lovingly.  She gave my nuts little smacks.  The feeling of ball torture is quite different when I am caged.  The male chastity device really pulls my balls out, really exposing the testicles.  There is less "give" when she smacks them, so the pain is a little more intense.  I wonder what Suzy thinks about administering ball torture with or without the device.  She seems to be more enthusiastic about it when I am unlocked.  After she was done, I pathetically shook my hips as if I could rub my cock (which would have been erect had it not been for the male chastity device) against her.  I am quite sexually frustrated at this point, which Suzy likes. 

I have trouble with trying to "top from the bottom", which means trying to tell her or influence how to dominate me.  I have many fantasies and it's possible that she wants to do them, but in her time.  I am pretty sure she could recite just about every fantasy I've discussed with her, and she seems ok with them, but she hasn't done them.  It's hard, but I want to try to let her lead.  I have tried to make her life easier so that she is not tired and is ready to "play".  On the weekends, she really doesn't do much in the way of dinner prep and cleanup.  I read that men who do more housework get more sex.  I think that has been true with us.

To me, this is a game.  I am not sure that I want to be denied or have my orgasms controlled forever.  "Regular" sex is fine with me, too (obviously not right now, since Suzy is denying me, lol).  But I like it and this is adding a spark to our relationship.  And I want to explore it further.  I will try let her lead and see how that goes.  I don't know how long she wants me locked and/or denied.  I like to think that she has a "plan" in mind as far as our sex play, and that means a consideration to when I might orgasm again, what kind of toys we'll play with, how she wants to come, etc.  This is really the hard part for me.  I want her to take the lead, but I don't always feel like she has a "plan" and because I am also tired, I feel like I need to move things along.  I really don't know what is ok and what is not.  She seems to like it when I have some sex toys laid out for her.. sometimes.  Other times, it seems like she is annoyed and I am putting too many expectations on her.  Ugh.  The ups and downs of being a horny submissive hubby!  Until she brings it up, I will accept her decisions about my release.  After all, it is "her" cock.

As it is, I have a fair amount of time to myself today, but masturbation is not among the things I'm going to do.  I am locked in the male chastity device and Suzy has expressly forbidden me to ejaculate.  I am very very horny.
No question, the pussy is the most powerful force

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another fetish: CFNM

She's clothed, he's not

OK, maybe that photo was not called for.  But it was just to illustrate a point.  Part of what puts me into "sub space" is the fact that I am always nude when we play.  Well, sometimes I will wear a thong but that is just to keep things clean.  I emit a whole lot of pre-cum when we play, and Suzy does not like the mess.  But, when she plays with her toy (that being my cock), I am naked save my wedding ring.  It turns me on when she is clothed.  I feel so vulnerable and it makes me want to submit more.  She has the upper hand, so to speak and I love it.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my wife's body.  I love her being naked tremendously, and it is really really nice when we make love and we are both nude.  But there can be an allure, a mystery around her retaining her clothes.  For example, I love love love her breasts.  Sometimes when we make love she does not take her bra off.  It drives me nuts.  I want to see them, play with them, but sometimes she won't allow it.

We took it to the extreme one time.  I bought her a crotchless cat suit mesh thing.  It is SMOKIN' hot.  It doesn't hide anything, but it gives the impression that she is fully clothed.  It allows for intercourse, and we have made love a couple times with me being fully nude and her wearing that.

It seems to be the way to go for practicality, since I am always hot and she is always cold.  Sometimes I fantasize about her masturbating me outside (risk seems to be a big thrill for me....) while I am completely nude but she has all the clothing she needs.

Being naked while she has some clothes on still adds to my submission to her

Lesbians: what's the deal?

Does this appeal to you?
Suzy asked me a question sort of half jokingly and I gave her a half joking answer.  Not sure why she thought about this.  But she asked "why do guys like lesbians so much?".  My joking answer was something like, "well, two naked chicks are better to look at than one".

Personally, I never really "got off" with watching or thinking about two women going at it.  For what it's worth, I enjoy fantasizing about two men satisfying a woman.  I like how the woman is the center of attention and the cocks always have somewhere to go.  It seems like two women, one male threesomes are lacking because a cock can only go one place.... so it probably will end up going to lesbo, which doesn't quite appeal to me that much.  However, I have fantasized about Suzy and another dominant woman ganging up on me for a torture session.  Yikes!

I wonder if Suzy, or any woman for that matter, would enjoy watching two men go at it.  I would not... but maybe she would?
Help!  This poor guy needs a shirt... fast!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dominant Wife: 3, Submissive Husband 0

young girl showing three fingers
This woman is pointing out how many orgasms my wife had
We didn't have any sex play since the night my wife allowed me a pearl necklace.  She was still on her period and doesn't always want to play during those times.  Plus, "life gets in the way", and we had been tired and falling asleep at different times.  I was hoping we would play on Friday night but alas it did not work out.  She wanted cuddles, which was nice.

We did a lot of sexting during the day.  I was pretty sure she was finished with her period and was really hoping to have intercourse.  Her texts back were suggestive of her getting taken care of, sexually, but not me.  I was still hopeful that she might let me penetrate her and go a few strokes.  I love getting her juices on my cock.  It is awesome.

I showered and splashed on some cologne after we put the kids to bed.  I really like feeling nice and clean before we play.  After I was cleaning up, she came in with the coffee I had picked up for her and indicated that she needed her feet rubbed.  We chatted about the day and after a while casually indicated that "this is the life": getting feet rubbed, a fancy coffee, having both dinner and the dishes done for her, and awaiting a back rub and whatever sexual gratification she desired.

She got a lot of rubbing.  I think she probably got a good half hour and then she indicated that she was ready for an orgasm.  She did not want cunnilingus so I got out her trusty vibe and fingered her the way she likes it.  She came nicely.  I just love the glow she has after she comes.  She looks so satisfied and fulfilled.  I enjoyed caressing her in this afterglow.  She enjoyed the hardness of my cock against her put was making it clear that I would not be ejaculating tonight.  She said that I wasn't "shaking" enough.  That seems to be the sign that I am really over the edge with denial.  I laid on top of her and tried to convince her to let me penetrate her but she didn't want me enjoying her pussy.  After the backrubbing and some light ball slapping, she was ready for another one.  She came a bit harder this time.  She has trained me to finger her pussy in a certain way.

I told her that I was really quite horny and was afraid that I would be overly tempated to masturbate.  I asked her if I could put my chastity cage on and she said I could - she didn't want me having an unauthorized orgasm.  I think it's pretty erotic that she is so assertive about me not taking matters into my own hands.  She seems to really like limiting my orgasms.  I am not sure how long the cage will be on, perhaps just overnight.  It's really in her hands.

She got up and found the key to my chastity belt (she had it hidden somewhere) and put it somewhere else.  My spare key is frozen in ice in our outside freezer.  It would probably take me a while to get to it, so it's really up to my wife to decide when to unlock me.

She gave me a rare treat and didn't object to me placing the vibe on her beautiful pussy for Big-O #3.  Even though she is capable of having additional climaxes, she almost always stops me at 2.  I felt pretty good about that.  My cock was caged for this one, and it did strain while she climaxed.  Awesome!

Not sure what's in store for us tomorrow.  I hope we have some good (dirty) fun!


I love panties with a message!