Saturday, September 25, 2010

Women Come first... and sometimes Hubby doesn't at all...

An Officer and a Gentleman
A gentlemen always takes care of his lady's needs first
 For the first ~15 years of our marriage, we settled into a pattern of missionary sex that ended when I ejaculated.  My wife had a favorite penis shaped vibe (well actually, like Lassie, we had to replace it periodically when they would die... but that's a good thing, lol!!!) that she used to place on her clitoris while I penetrated her.  Wow, we had some fun times with that!  Periodically, we would come at the same time.  My wife tends to enjoy having both vaginal (G-spot) and direct clit stimulation.  Like a lot of wives, she rarely comes from penetration alone.

So, that's how we "did it".  I would try my best to last until she came.  I really was disappointed in myself if  I couldn't hold off until she climaxed.  I think this was really quite satisfying sex for both of us.

Then, along came a fateful night.  At a relative's house, of all places.

We visited a relative from out of state.  I think at the time we didn't have a whole lot of money, but we paid for a few nights at a nice beach-side resort, and the plan was to enjoy the reunion celebration, stay a night or so at my relative's house, and then travel back home.  Our family (me, wife, and kids) were in a single room and there was no hanky panky happening between us.  As the vacation went on, we found ourselves getting hornier and hornier.  Let's face it: vacation usually means "vacation sex".  And we weren't gettin' any.  Usually, that kind of thing only gets to me, the husband, but my wife started feeling amorous also.  We would still some kisses, and some loving grabs and gropes, but that's about it.

So, it was time to leave the resort and get back to my relative's house for a night or two before our flight back home.  We both felt like rabbits in heat.  We needed to screw.  It's vacation time, for crying out loud!  Really, we did this to save money.  But I would have paid triple for a few hours to have some time to get busy with my wife!

It was pretty unmistakable that something needed to happen.  We were put up in the middle of a room on the floor.  Zero privacy!  Lots of other family members elsewhere in the house.  This was NOT looking good.  I can't tell you how horny we both were.  I have a really high sex drive, and I am just about always horny.  But my wife was horny!

We lay on the floor whispering to each other how much we wanted to screw.  Not make love, screw.  We kissed some and we groped.  We were like teenagers with a split second alone.  Wife was not comfortable taking the chance of doing it.  We could get walked in on, and this would be embarrassing for years to come.  She didn't want to give me a handjob because of the mess it would make.  Then, we would have to find something to clean up with, etc.  While this 'negotiation' was going on, I started playing with her pussy.  She was wet.  Deliciously wet.  My finger was well lubed from her arousal and I started fingering her clit.  I had never fingered her to orgasm before.  Recall our pattern: dick in pussy, vibe on clit and hope I last long enough for her to come.

I fingered her like there was no tomorrow.  I wanted her to come so bad.  She did.

She seemed really very happy after her orgasm.  For the reasons explained above - namely that I would have made too much of a mess - she did not return the favor.  That's how sex had always ended.  I couldn't believe how aroused I was that she came and I didn't.  I was sexually frustrated and I'm sure I had pre-cum all over my shorts.  Her climax didn't make me less horny - it made me hornier.  But still it was strangely arousing to me that she came and I didn't.  As a male, it has always been important to me that I satisfy my wife.  There is an element of pride in it.  I felt good about myself giving her an orgasm.  But it also felt strangely erotic for me to fall asleep erect and frustrated... but her very happy.

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