Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wife 2, Husband 1

Movie moans ... Meg Ryan
"I'll have what she's having"
Once I have an orgasm, I'm done.  I roll off and "bask" in the awesomeness and for a few minutes, all is right in the world.  Usually, I'm ready for sleep at this time.  Bear in mind that with a demanding job and multiple kiddos, we are usually not fully charged when we get around to some husband-wife alone time.

One time while basking in the glow of orgasmic bliss, she paused for a few moments - having just reached sexual nirvana herself - and then picked up 'her' trusty vibrator and sailed off to another orgasm, sans me.  I was checked out, and as they might say in professional sports, on the 'physically unable to perform' list.  I was miffed.  Heeeeeeeyyyyyy, what are you doing?

"I'm having another orgasm", she said.

"Why?  Isn't one enough... that's all I get?", I whined.

"Nope, I wanted another one", she responds.  "Besides, I'm just catching up.  Think of all the times you jacked off when you were a teenager".

I couldn't understand why she "needed" to have another orgasm.  We were probably having sex 2-3 times per week, with a 1:1 relationship in # of orgasms.  At this point, she was consistently orgasmic (which wasn't always the case).  I was a) jealous of her ability to climax more than once in a session [since I can't... or only during "vacation sex"]; b) not understanding: if you need more orgasms, why don't we bump up the frequency?

I really didn't play this right, on a number of counts.  First, if she is capable of orgasming twice (or more), what harm does it do me?  None.  Second, her taking matters into her own hands and going for #2 demonstrates a sexually confident woman, who knows what she wants and makes it happen.  Confidence is very sexy.  Third, she was right about me jacking off.  I am pretty sure I started masturbating in 8th grade, and I have been a 'regular' since then.  Fourthly, I more fully recognized how much I admire the complete beauty of a climaxing wife.  I am sure that I will post  more about that down the road...

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