Thursday, September 30, 2010


There she blows!
I was pretty tired the next night after having the most extreme torture and denial session yet.  I thought about it all day during work.  I had a number of partial erections during the day and I thought about how she took control of my cock and how sexy it was that she decided I didn't "need" to come.

Anyway, I was pretty tired and started going to bed, but Suzy was busy with something on the computer.  I was hoping we could play again, but not sure.  She locked the door and then started getting ready for bed herself.  I get a Pavlovian dog response when she locks the door.  That means she wants to do some sex play.  I am pretty sure that I can get erect by just hearing that sound.  She crawled into bed and started playing with my cock.  I took my shorts off and positioned myself so that she was in a comfortable position to interact with my parts.  It feels soooo nice to be naked and erect with her.  She started into some more ball smacking, just like the night before.  I am a very visual person and it is interesting to see how hard I am when she plays with me.  She got me pretty worked up and then wanted some female attention.  I guess smacking my nuts is foreplay for her?  Lol!

Our kissing was pretty intense and then I asked her if she wanted to come - and she was really enthusiastic about having another orgasm.  I gladly got out the vibrator and finally got the positioning right.  I know I've said this before... but she is just so darn sexy when she climaxes.  I love it.  I was wondering if she was going to torture me more or just go to sleep.  She surprised me by asking me to come between her boobs.  I enthusiastically complied.  We don't do this that often, but I think it's very sexy when she takes her D-cups and smooshes them together while I pump away at her cleavage.  Very sexy.  I love my wife's body.  Her breasts are just awesome.  I don't think it toom me very long but I had a really great orgasm.  I am sure that my load was pretty huge.  What a great wife!

A pearl necklace!

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