Sunday, September 26, 2010


Making her ready for a female orgasm
Elephants have historically symbolized chastity

Suzy did ask me this morning if I had posted something, which I had not.  She wanted me to write about my sexual frustration.  I don't feel like I've covered our journey yet such that a reader would follow and appreciate the extent of this frustration yet.  I have in mind a number of posts (in the future) to bring that around.  Suffice it to say, that I am quite sexually frustrated right now.  She likes this... a lot.  She likes that I think of her and that she has control to keep me more frustrated or to release me.  I discussed a pretty intense fantasy that I've been having lately with Suzy and she seems keen on exploring it.... hopefully tonight.  It would definitely be blog material.

Now, to tie the photo above into this post.  I just found the two elephants in a seemingly loving embrace.  I love how their trunks form a heart shape.  I think it's a fantastic photo. 

Elephants actually do have a symbolic relationship to chastity (and, I'm inferring, frustration).  I was reading a male chastity forum once (long time ago) and I recall a thread where a sub was looking for tattoo ideas related to his chastity commitment.  A suggestion was an elephant, because the female elephants have a particularly long gestation period.  I did a quick Wikipedia check and that did seem to fly.  A female elephant carries her young for 22 months, which is the longest of any mammal.  I guess the supposition is that the male elephant does not have intercourse with her when she is pregnant.  I'm guessing from the Wikipedia entry that elephants do not have a lot of sex.

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