Sunday, September 26, 2010


Loving couple on the beach, talking about their future

Yesterday morning felt like a good time to pause and have my beloved look at my blog and provide any feedback she might have.  She initially resisted because (I think) she thought I was up to something nefarious.  I had spoke to her about writing a blog before, so the concept wasn't new to her.  However, I think she was surprised that I had gone to the trouble of doing so.  She told me that she did read the entirety of my posts and gave me this feedback:

  • She was impressed with my honesty, especially about my masturbation.  I used to suppress things from her - things like that - out of fear of rejection.  But since we've had the talk about my desire to submit to her, and she was very accepting of that, I have found it very freeing to be honest about everything.  It is really quite freeing to discuss your fantasies and desires with your partner. 
  • She seemed to enjoy it overall.  I think she felt like it was a diary of sorts, and that's also how it feels to me.
  • She was concerned about the use of photos and whether they might be copyrighted.  I don't know the answer to that, but will do some research.  My initial inclination is that since I have no intention of making a profit through their use, that it's probably ok.  I really quite enjoy trying to find images that are relevant to what I'm writing about.  I've always loved photography, and this is a good avenue to explore that.
  • She seemed interested in seeing others' comments about my blog.  I have not received any to date, and I am not sure if anyone has actually seen it yet.  I wonder what people generally do to advertise their blog to develop "followers".  I guess that's a marketing type of thing.  Perhaps I will "follow" other blogs and see if I can solicit comments that way.
  • She wanted to ensure some anonymity.
When I'm not having sex, I love discussing it.  I see this blog as a good outlet to get my thoughts down and share them in an organized manner.

It's probably time to assign names.  My beloved is Suzy and I am Paul.

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  1. I started the blog and have her read it without saying it was me who wrote it. She found it easily and was touched by what she wrote. It gave a great boost to the dynamic.