Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beginnings: Did Catwoman Turn me into a Submissive?

Catwoman playing with a toy she has trapped.  Meow!

I used to love watching the campy Batman TV show.  Whenever I was staying home sick I would always watch it (that and the Monkeys and Gilligan's Island).  I remember thinking how corny it was and how ridiculously convoluted the villains' schemes were.  And I remember feeling 'funny' whenever Catwoman came on, and especially when she was using her charms to seduce Batman to her (criminal) advantage.  The dynamic between them was erotic.  Here is this super hero who can defeat 10 thugs by himself (Robin never seemed to help much, lol!) but he was captivated and controlled by a dominant female half his size!  I felt especially 'funny' when Batman was tied up.

The villain having the upper hand was always prevalent in the Bond films, which I love for many of the same reasons as Batman.  And I also felt 'funny' when he was somehow at the mercy of a villains.  One of the better examples of this is Fatima Blush from Never Say Never Again (which is one of my favorite Bond films).  She is about to finish him off and tries to get him to say that she was the best woman he had ever slept with.  Of course, Bond finds a gadget that helps him to escape from the jam, but Fatima was definitely a dominant woman.

Dominant, confident women seemed to hit me in a way that I really didn't understand because I was too young and too naive.  I guess I was just pre-programmed to be a pussycat's toy!

It looks like Catwoman just devoured Batman!!!

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