Friday, March 10, 2017

Hubby Loves Cunnilingus...a little too much ;-o

I was hoping for sex last weekend, as Suzy and I have had overlapping illnesses.  She seemed finally getting better, and I *needed* some marital relations.  Friday night, we crashed early.  Saturday morning, she mentions that she is taking a "long shower", which in our household means she's shaving her pussy and/or using the showerhead for some female pleasure.  In this case, it was the former (as far as I know...).  So, I knew her pussy was nicely shaved, which makes me want to go down on her.  However, she went to a late movie with a child, so no sex Saturday.

The excellent book She Comes First gives a lot of tips on how to orally pleasure a female.  Maybe I'm not that great of a learner, as I've struggled to bring her to climax with my tongue.  However, a central premise of this book is that few women (I think it's been quoted as around 25%) can achieve orgasm through penetration.  So, the author argues that cunnilingus should not be considered as foreplay, but rather as the main event of the sexual encounter for the woman, resulting in her orgasm.  That part of the book I get.  In most circumstances, Suzy does come first, but given our busy lives, we frequently use toys to get her off.

In any event, I had in my head that I'd like to go down on her.  I really do believe that cunnilingus is the best representation of making love to her.  It feels loving.  It feels intimate.  People in general are very protective of what they put in their mouths, so it's a loving, trusting, sensual thing.

She came to the bedroom Sunday night dressing sexy, she climbed into bed, and I began groping her.  She was receptive.  I took my shorts off and she was more aroused than normal, she was more vocal with soft moans, which I was loving.  I pushed her PJ bottoms off, and I entered her, feeling very good about my stamina, considering how horny I was.  But then I was thinking about cunnilingus.

My theory is that the times we are successful with oral sex is when she is very aroused with lots of foreplay.  And I could tell she was aroused.  After about the second stoke inside her, I could feel her wetness on my cock.  I stopped after ~30 seconds of intercourse to go down on her.

She was receptive.  I love it when she's nicely shaved down there.  I love that she was wet before I started, and I usually have to tease her a bit before she's ready for clitoral stimulation, but it felt like I could go right in there to her pleasure center.  She tasted great.  She was moaning and seemed to be loving the attention.  I was very cognizant of my usual mistake, which is to speed up as she gets close to climax.  I kept a steady pressure on her clit.  Her moaning was getting more ardent, and sometimes she involuntarily bucks her hips as she gets close to orgasm.  Everything was going great.

Except, I felt a surge of excitement coming over my own genitals.  I was so aroused from her moaning, and so excited with the prospect of getting her off with my tongue, that I came.  I ejaculated.  I had an orgasm.  Except for the ~30 seconds of intercourse, she had not touched my body.

However, to my credit, I kept going instead of the other time this happened.  My premature ejaculation was probably seconds before hers.  Her orgasm was terrific for both of us.  She did buck her hips and her moaning was so erotic.

Frankly, I wasn't sure myself what had happened to me.  It wasn't an intense orgasm, and I thought maybe it was a "ruined orgasm".  I had full pressure on my penis, which was on top of the shorts I jettisoned.  I was hoping that it was a ruined one, and that I could continue with sex after her post orgasm down time.  I looked at my mess on my shorts, and it was a big load, a mess.  I didn't feel like I was going to be able to get hard again, and confessed to Suzy that eating her pussy was a little too exciting for me.

Her reaction was one of disbelief.  She didn't remember the time this happened before, and was very surprised.  I think she thought it was funny, and then said something about her having "power over men".  She asked if I was thinking about cuckolding, and I wasn't.  I was really just turned on by her moaning and obvious level of excitement.  In the following days, she teased me a bit about being a "fast husband", or something like that.  The reality was that it was embarrassing.  But I guess it proves that I enjoy going down on her....  a little too much?!  Perhaps we should do this more regularly so that I can learn to take the excitement better!  Love you, sexy wife!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Part 2: Birth Control Options for a Hotwife

Summing up, I have a vasectomy yet sometimes we use condoms for convenience.  The first convenient reason being that we don't want my load in hard-to-clean places, like her vehicle, a sibling's house, things like that.

Or, there's the other reason: when Suzy is almost starting or almost finishing her period.  She will typically tell me to use a condom.

Such was the case in our first intercourse session of 2017.  I had no problems rolling it on, and I got really excited about having sex with her.  I entered, and penetrated her slowly like she likes.  But then, I thought of something that aroused me intensely and made me come faster than I would have liked.

So for some more background, Suzy seemed to want to go away from condom usage with her lover.  She floated the idea by me and I gave her some feedback.  On their 3rd playdate, his second round of intercourse, he did not use a condom, but he pulled out and ejaculated onto her stomach.  Then, on their 4th playdate, he actually came inside her, giving her a "creampie".  We did not have reclaim sex that time, for various reasons.  Needless to say, that is a big step in a cuckolding relationship.

So, as I am penetrating my wife with my condom-wrapped cock and as she is approaching orgasm, I start to think about the fact that I haven't had a lot of sex with Suzy, and realize that the last time she played with him, he dropped his load inside her.  Here I am (the one that's snipped, monogamous, and her husband) fucking her with a condom.  That "double standard" caught my attention and therefore I couldn't get it out of my head.  We actually ended up coming at the same time, which is nice.  At any rate, I was turned on by the discrepancy, it made me feel extremely submissive, so I came.

I really have no idea as to what's going on with her lover, or the chances for any men that might be "pinch hitters" for her primary extramarital lover while he is "out of commission".  Suzy has told me that she's a "one man hotwife" (although I think she really means "two man" hotwife, lol) so it's not clear if she will remain "faithful" to him or she will seek other more physically capable studs.  Or, if she will take a break from hotwifing.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, we had our second intercourse session of 2017.  It was more romantic/tender than usual.  I really had no expectation of sex.  Back in the day, I used to give Suzy a lot of massages, especially during Desperate Housewives.  It was a fun experience for us, as I'd probably be massaging mainly her feet for say 30 min, and she would sometimes stroke me to get me hard.  Then, we'd go upstairs and have sex.  Well, this time, she has had some back issues, and I massaged her.  This arouses her, it is foreplay for her.  She practically asked for an orgasm, so I gave her one in the way she typically enjoys.  I then took my clothes off and wanted to get a good erection by being on top of her.  She really didn't say much, so I entered her.  I might have asked her it was ok for me to come inside her, she said yes, and we had a nice session of sex.  It was more "making love" than normal, if that makes sense.  She surprised me by reaching to my chest with both hands and pinching my nipples HARD.  I came almost immediately.  Perhaps it was the shock of that, given the context.  I'm curious to know what Suzy was thinking.  But, I do like it when she's rough with me.  A LOT!!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Part 1: Birth Control Options for a Hotwife

Unfortunately, 2017 has not got off to the best start.  A number of reasons, most of which are unrelated to - although do impact - our sex life.  Suzy has three climaxes YTD, and I have one, although I will have to update the orgasm tracker to reflect.

Suzy made two (maybe three?) efforts to play with her "friend" but they did not work out.  In fact - paradoxically - they are both out of commission.

Out of commission - "Friend #6"
Her paramour unexpectedly had an intense medical procedure that will leave him out of commission for some time.  Nothing directly related to his genitals, but I think it's fair to say that the male needs to have certain physical dexterity to perform the sex act, and he may not have that for some time.  While I immediately thought Suzy might use this as an opportunity to do some role playing as a "nurse" or otherwise cheer him up, that isn't the case.  It seems that his recovery regimen didn't lend itself to the sort of care that Suzy would provide.  I personally don't know what his rehab program entails, but I suspect that they are still communicating.

Out of commission - Suzy
Well, Suzy is on her period.  Being a fertile female, that's not unusual, but I just saw some irony in the "out of commission" metaphor that I simply couldn't pass up.  It also happens to be the euphemism that Suzy and I employ most commonly.  In any event, around Tuesday of last week, Suzy seemed to be "in the mood" and she mentioned that she might be starting soon, so I figure there was a good opportunity for some marital relations.  While I don't remember the exact details of our foreplay, her outfit, etc., one aspect of our session caught me off guard.  I have some mixed feelings about it, and I've been processing them for a while.

For some background for this "two parter", you need to know that our primary birth control for the first decade or so of our marriage was her taking birth control pills.  We did the whole reproduction thing, then when we were done, I got a vasectomy.

*  *  *  *  *

So, as a couple, we've never relied on the use of condoms for primary contraception.  We have typically used condoms for "convenience".  Say we are having sex at a relative's house, neither of us want my load splattered in a loved one's home.  Bro Code.  Or, when we had sex in our vehicle.  How would we ever clean that stuff up?  It's just less messy for me to wrap it up.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Bride's thoughts!

I'm never going to whittle down my backlog of draft blog posts if I keep adding new ones.  Anyway, just wanted to give a shout-out to my hotwife's thoughts on our cuckolding adventure.  Always great to hear her perspective!  Love that woman!

We talked about it briefly today, and the major thing I got wrong in my writeup on the wife watching/hotel fantasy is that I will not be locked in chastity.  Anyway, she's pretty specific about her expectations in her post.

Happy New Year!


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Her cuckold fantasy

I picked up Suzy from her out of state trip.  I did not masturbate, but I did a fair amount of email drafting of fantasies, and working on some blog posts.  I was horny to say the least.  We finally got a little time to be alone, and I was erect just about the entire time we cuddled and talked.  I really wanted something sexual to happen, but she delayed it until later.

As we cuddled, she gave me an update on some of her sexual fantasies.  I remember when we were first married, she claimed to never have any fantasies.  It's super exciting to me that she's driving some naughty sexual escapades now.  YES!

At any rate, Suzy is now comfortable with me watching her have sex with Friend #6; he is also comfortable with it.  Here's my understanding of the date:

Suzy and I will arrive at the hotel room and get settled in.  Her bull wants me locked up in chastity for the initial round.  They will have sex, with me watching.  He will likely be using a condom (reason follows).  Suzy is a little nervous about this, in the vein of "once you watch me having sex with another male, that can't be undone".  She does seem excited for me to observe his orgasm, she said his first one is very  intense.  When they are done, I will have sex with Suzy.  Curiously, there was some talk about her FwB being jealous of watching me having sex with my wife.  She explained why - not really important to describe here.  Anyway, he is comfortable with me watching them, but if he gets uncomfortable with me having sex with Suzy, he will simply leave the room, and will be summoned later for round 3.  The reason that he will wear a condom for Round 1 is that Suzy wants to give fellatio so that he can get it up for round 3.  Presumably, I am also allowed to watch again.  THEN, I am to be dismissed and they will have a "sleepover".  She expects that they will have more sex, presumably in the morning when they wake up.

That's the working script of how our first live cuckolding event will play out.  I do think some details need to be worked out, but the estimated time for this is later in January or February.  Friend #6 is traveling quite a bit.  There is a possibility of a solo playdate next weekend, but Suzy wasn't that optimistic on that.  I suspect it will be refined as the time approaches.

*  *  *  *  *
We "reconnected" after all this cuckold talk and Suzy wore her new VS PJ's.  While I wouldn't say it's overtly sexy/naughty (meaning, she could wear it around the house), it did give me easy access to everything I needed to get her motor running.  She had a lovely G-spot/fingering vibe on her clit orgasm.  I really felt her vaginal contractions nicely, and I could tell it was an intense climax.  She told me to roll over, and she gave me a long tease and denial session with some nipple pinching and cock and ball torture.  She then said that she wanted her clothes back on, so I put her panties and PJ bottoms back on, all the while still sporting my erection.  I played with her back as she fell asleep, and she said, "I love the cuddling and attention I get when you're denied.  I'm probably going to get breakfast in bed tomorrow, right?".  Yes, the Queen got breakfast in bed!

I sent her my email of fantasies I've been having, one of which nicely overlapped with HER fantasy above.  I expect that she will give me some feedback at some point, and there's a rumor that she may blog.  And, by they way, she liked/endorsed my 2017 sexual goals!  Yay!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Closing Thoughts, 2017 Sexual Predictions

I think I'm not alone in thinking that 2016 sucked, marked by an unusual number of gone-too-soon celebrity deaths, with Princess Leia passing away today.  Ugh.  There have been some personal/professional downs as well.  So, I am looking forward to 2017 and hoping it will be a much better year.  Suzy is out of town, adding to my sense of "blah", and frankly I expect to post more for that reason.  It turns out I have 60 draft blog posts on blogger (I have published 295).  Yikes!  That's a whole lot of unconfessed sexual fantasies!!

Fortunately, our sex life has been a lot better.  We did not reach the 2016 New Years resolution of having 100 female orgasms for Suzy.  The year started off well, but we couldn't quite keep the pace we had at the beginning.  Her's the orgasmic breakdown, after about 67 sexual encounters:

66 female orgasms (Suzy)
28 male orgasms (husband)
19 male orgasms (extramarital play)

At least that all adds up to over 100.  As I've stated before, those may under-estimate, because Suzy doesn't always report her orgasms via masturbation; and I could forget to record mine or hers when we play together.  Also of note is the male orgasm discrepancy between marital sex (28 male orgasms in 67 encounters = 41%) and cuckolding sex (19 male orgasms / 11 encounters = 172%).  I frankly think it's pretty exciting that Suzy still out-climaxes all the male talent combined, but clearly her other partners are able to go for additional rounds.

2016 was the year of major hotwifing exploration for us.  Suzy had a total of 11 playdates last year, with a total of 6 playmates.

I make the following sexual predictions/goals for 2017:

  • I will continue to communicate my fantasies to her, and she will incorporate some, ignore many others.  In doing so, our love and trust in each other will grown; she will feel great that she is the center of attention, and I will feel great because she shows she loves me in spite of my perversity.
  • She will have a full "date" with her lover, which may include dinner together and possibly involve an adult "sleepover".
  • I will get to watch Suzy fuck another male for the first time.  Can't wait.
  • Suzy will stop using condoms with her primary extramarital lover (if she hasn't already).
  • We will begin having more regular MFM threesomes, perhaps even going to a swinger party.  The possibilities are endless.
  • I hope that this year, Suzy will climax at least 100 times.

Again, I am hoping for a better 2017.  I appreciate your interest in the blog and our lifestyle, and may you all strive for the realization of your dreams.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three Strikes and You're Out

Last week, Suzy had her third playdate with "Friend #6".  This was basically a make it or break it date for him.  In their prior dates, she thought that he didn't spend enough time on her.  Perhaps Suzy is used to the Female First attitude prevalent in our bedroom.  He has never gone down on her (maybe that's exclusively my job?).  She said he was better this time.  She did come from a vibe during the second round of penetration.

During her playdate, I fed the kids, but she couldn't join us because her excuse for being away was a dinner with her girlfriends.  So I met her at a fast food place where l tried to get the details from her date.  Kinda frustrating because she was eating most of the time.  I guess she needed to replenish the energy expended from her date!  It was super hot seeing her hair a bit messed up from her "workout".

She did the mom thing (I posted on an OHW thread about this, and showed her, and she teased me about it before reclaim sex), and then she came out (it was around midnight!) with the matching bra and panties she wore for her date.  AMAZING.  Very sexy.  I loved seeing her sexy body in those matching undergarments.  I know what I'm buying her for Christmas!  It was so hot to greet her scantily clothed body, me nude, and begin foreplay outside of the bed, having my erection on display for her, and caressing her body, holding her while standing.  A great experience!  She gave me some more knowledge about her date, and told me that he really enjoyed taking her clothes off.  The thought that another male had enjoyed her D-cups just a few hours before was a big turn on.

As we were talking about our experience, my erection was poking at her crotch, but not inside yet, as she still had her panties on.  I must confess that all this talk and foreplay made me very close to orgasm without even penetrating her.  I had to back off a few times because I was getting close.

She wanted another orgasm, and I wanted to take care of her separately.  By this time, it was very late, and I don't do well with minimal sleep.  Hitachi with fingering.  At that point, it was 2 male orgasms, 2 female orgasms.  We had some discussion about how I should come, and she decided she wanted wanted me to ejaculate inside her.  I'm super embarrassed at how little I lasted.  Not long.  She thinks it's hot that I come so fast, because it shows how exciting this all was to me.

*  *  *  *  *
Well, it turns out he didn't whiff at strike 3.  He got on base, but didn't exactly knock it out of the park.  Suzy enjoys playing with him, and she has wanted to have a "regular" playmate.  It's a long drive, and their schedules don't always line up.  She has actively been talking about involving me in their play lately.  Super excited.  I love my hotwife!